fuck winter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufg07EojVAU


R.I.P., X

my heart broke today when i found out the world lost rapper xxxtentacion. x has gained a lot of negative stigma, i know. a lot of people really didn't like him, i know but i was (still am) a fan. he had a troubled past sure, he's been accused of horrible things sure. i can't... Continue Reading →


inspired by TLOP, Bundaberg rum and those English classes in high school where the teacher would get you to write a story on the spot. once apon a time in the land of Chicago there was a prince who went by the name of Kanye. Kanye was known for having the dopest style of all... Continue Reading →

Jordan Peterson is a Beast

if you haven't heard of him yet, Jordan Peterson is a psychologist from Toronto who has just blown up recently after his involvement in certain political debates, most famously the debate on free speech. his mild mannerliness and gift of the gab have made him a real force to be reckoned with in the scene.... Continue Reading →


if you're creating content publicly, you're going to cop criticism, its a universal law. theres many talented people around who aren't making a name for themselves because they don't know that talent isn't what makes success, its balls. anyone who tries to build something will face someone who wants to tear it down at some... Continue Reading →

Afraid (guest post)

This poem is something I worked on for over two years while I was struggling with drug addiction and each verse was written at a different stage of my addiction. And yes I'm clean now get off my ass guys I was troubled. P.S To whoever may be reading this, I know how Tourniquet is... Continue Reading →

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