The Secret Formula to Optimism

The world can be a dark place, all the bad things you worry about could occur and you have a right to worry about them. All the hardships you went through were real and you should honor them but you don't not have to let them dictate the way you see the world. You don't... Continue Reading →


Afraid (guest post)

This poem is something I worked on for over two years while I was struggling with drug addiction and each verse was written at a different stage of my addiction. And yes I'm clean now get off my ass guys I was troubled. P.S To whoever may be reading this, I know how Tourniquet is... Continue Reading →

Authenticity part 2

how the fuck do you be authentic? you cant. you try but you can never truly accomplish it consciously. i try to present myself as authentic but what we see of ourselves as well as the way in which we try so hard to get others to see us as is but a product. we... Continue Reading →

369 Words

I'm getting lazy again. i have to fight this laziness. i want to grow as a human and this is part of it, kicking myself in the arse for being too lazy for too long. it seems like such a small thing, writing some stuff down for a blog post but its significant for me,... Continue Reading →


So before we start everyone should go listen to this chick named Billie Marten, shes an angel, actually listen to her while you read this and pour a cup of tea, we set the mood here in this bitch So I don’t know, i thought I'd talk about a little think called youth before I... Continue Reading →


I drank to much last night. Its saturday, every saturday I wake up and ive drank too much last night. Every week I feel the need to wipe the slate clean, wipe my brain clean and it can never hurt to have another cigarette,  another coffee, anything to try and fix me. I know it... Continue Reading →


No one wants to work. Im not going to complain about my job, it's a good job and im grateful for it but its still work, its still not what I wan't to be doing everyday. you may tell me thats life but I have a theory that life can be different, that you can... Continue Reading →

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