Understanding Meditation

You’ve heard people bang on about it as if it’s the key to the universe and in my belief there’s no doubt that it can be but what is it? how do we do it and why should we do it? The truth is you already do it, the point of meditation is to simply just clear your head. Think of the thing you love to do more than anything. Whether that thing is golf or fighting or dancing or sex or even writing,f4c951c28811982cae5bd4d9d8f29f3a--lion-king-quotes-rafiki-quotes if there is a point (there is) in which you’re doing that thing that you get completely in the zone, that you feel like your exactly where you want to be and you feel that there’s even a possibility someone else is even doing the work for you (you know you have) then you’ve mastered meditation. You don’t have to sit in the lotus position for an hour to experience the benefits of meditation, its already helping you.

For me the thing that gets me most in the zone is playing guitar. I started playing guitar when I was 12 and when I pick it up and fuck around, an hour will pass and I just simply forget where the fuck I am. When I started meditating It didn’t take me long to realize I had done it all my life just in different ways. I don’t actually meditate super often these days but when I can be bothered I really enjoy it because I find it truthfully does bring me back to my true self momentarily and I love that feeling. You don’t have to be a raging hippie like me to enjoy meditation

The benefits of meditation can be as helpful as the benefits of sleep in fact they are kind of the same thing. When you enter a different state of consciousness it helps you improve yourself which is why people say ‘sleep on it’ when you are undecided on a question. When you are asleep your unconscious mind can figure out some stuff for you, you can talk to your intuition and contemplate things from a wider perspective just as you would in meditation. A lot of people who don’t meditate traditionally might go for runs, walks or sit at the beach and spark a fat doobie. They are essentially meditating when they do this. The art of clearing your head is probably the greatest coping mechanism around. If traditional meditation isn’t for you then by all means don’t do it, it’s not a chore but if you haven’t yet, find your own type of meditation even if that’s chain smoking durries listening to your favorite artist. i recon a good alternative could be that we all should just Sit down every night and look at the stars or the clouds in the day time. we need to talk to ourselves and treat ourselves to a few seconds of peace once in a while. We’re human and we deserve it.

Yoga, Mindfulness and prayer:

Think of yoga as physical mediation. Some people are more comfortable using their bodies to meditate. Another great one is mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of meditating in your everyday life, bringing a nice element of calm to your work or your activities and chores and teaching you to self-reflect constantly. Meditation lets you work through your issues a bit and start (end/continue) the day in a more open and willing nature. If that’s unappealing you’re fucked.

This brings me to prayer. For me prayer and meditation are identical, the more biggerer purpose of meditation is to get in touch with god (or the collective unconscious). imagine a christian (assuming you aren’t one yourself, I don’t know you mate). Do you imagine them praying in the midst of the chaos of their busy lives? No, not really, you imagine them at their beds or the dinner table in silence with a lot of focus, momentarily trying to access the higher power they believe in. this is actually just meditation, there’s no difference. A lot of Christians are against other religious practices because they believe their religion is the right one and cant comprehend that other cultures might just be interpreting the same thing they are differently. But prayer is meditation and Christ himself said the the kingdom of god is within. I think when he says this he is referring to the soul, the holy spirit, the part of god that lies within us for we may all be god experiencing just few of the many things that in his infinite life he will have to eventually get around to, possibly just choosing to dream our lives for god and the universe may be the same entity assuming the universe itself is conscious and everything we experience is part of its ever expanding nature. But essentially Jesus would be talking about the soul, the true self that we can access through looking within and practicing meditation. Some Jehovah’s witnesses were telling me that he didn’t mean within us but among us for he was the king and therefore while he was on earth it was kingdom. This interpretation kinda makes me cringe. All the other bloody religions say something of the sorts of what I said. Something of the sorts not the exact theories but the mentioning of meditation being some kind of a doorway. Even Muslims do it alright. Muslims pray a bit better than Christians i reckon, they have a nice lil ritual that I think is mystical and rad and don’t just stop at one lil question or poem like some people. That’s not the point, I’ve gone on an unneeded rant, if you want to meditate, meditate. Here’s some ways

  • Basic:

You’re going to wanna focus on your breathing to start, follow your breath and sink into yourself, let your thoughts run a little but don’t get to attached to them, make sure you come back to your breath

  • Guided meditations

I don’t have to explain this one, find some guided meditations and someone else will tell you the rest

  • Transcendental meditation:

From what I understand, same concept as the breath but also adding mantra and sounds. mantras are good, I wanted to be old school and learned some ol’ classic Sanskrit mantras but you can use English mantras that you can actually understand if you’d like or any phrase with some sort of meaning really. In the case of sounds, usually a yogi would give you your own personal sound but you shouldn’t have to worry about that, you can pick any single syllable word or use the classic ohmmm (which is actually a mantra anyway) and just experiment with different pitches so just make a consistent ooh or ahh sound and slowly raise or lower your pitch and find the pitch that resonates with you most. Any sound at the pitch you found should work just as well

  • Binaural beats:

Just type binaural beats’ into YouTube and pick one of em. Get comfortable shut your eyes and enjoy the ride, your basically just listening to music but there is a cool science behind the frequencies you listen to affecting your brain and that.

  • Third eye:

focus on the spot just above the middle of your eyes while you meditate

alright that’ll do then, have fun


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