With this new hobby of interneting I’m trying out, the thing I’m guessing a lot of people in my position tend to think about is authenticity, I think a lot of things can be as simple or as complicated as suits your fancy and authenticity is one of those things. what seems like selling out for others might actually be the same as making authentic choices to you its all about about what you feel your heart desires. for me I think about being real a lot, it’s one of the key things I search for in pop culture, friends and life in general. my motto is simply that people are people and everyone is just in it for the ride in the end. I like to think that everyone has anxieties, everyone has bad days, everyone has dreams, everyone has emotions no matter how strong, everyone can overthink things and Whether we are struggling or thriving, we are all managing human existence one way or another and serving as cells in the great organism of the human race.although as much as I want it to happen I have to realize not everyone is going to voluntarily show every aspect of their personality. Some things we don’t want to broadcast and I guess that’s a okay

There’s no doubt that In a way we are all the same. The same energy but we can also be very different simultaneously. what makes us different is our circumstances which are a fuckfest of our surroundings, our genetics and (you saw it coming bitch) our astrological alignments. The identity we construct, the person you like to call you is essentially your ego. people consider the ego as a bad thing, they get it mixed up with what psychology would call the super ego which is an extension of the ego or in more relatable terms the stupid, cunty part of your personality which when let loose can make you seem stupid and cunty. Your ego itself is in fact just your identity. There is no separation but is the identity we have created authentic? Where does your soul start and your ego end? Is there a soul? Yes, yes there is, I’m saving you time, you’re welcome. Simply Ask yourself who you are (give it a minute) you’re most likely going to identify with the things you do and not the way you think or how you feel. For instance You might be an artist but the reason you are an artist is because people told you were good at art at a young age and you’ve since identified with art even though its not what you you truly want to do. An authentic connection to an activity would be something you would have taken to regardless of the opinion of others. Something you yourself have chosen to engage in, its hard to recognize the things you do that are authentic and inauthentic sometimes but if you really want to find your true passion and your true life’s purpose that’s going to be something you’ll have to figure out. Personally I like acting and music and stuff. Ive always been known as a kinda creative lad and I am but was I born to create? Its hard to tell like everyone is creative to some extent and shouldn’t ever try to suppress that. Expression and creativity I think are almost as important as social behavior to us. Its an essential element to our nature. That’s what the throat chakra is for. So I was always meant to be creative to an extent but was I meant to be creative more so than anything else? When I thought about it I came to the conclusion that I like telling stories more than writing them. I like to preform, that’s probably what I like to do more than anything which is still part of the same expressive nature but just a different side of it. The throat chakra remains my most dominant chakra.performing for me could mean simply talking shit to my mates but when I have the attention I both metaphorically and literally prostitute myself for I find a lot of comfort. I was a quiet kid so i think I’m just overcompensating but it still feels true as fuck to me. I think its really important to ask yourself questions. I guarantee you know more than you think. Meditation is a great way to get the answers you want quickly.

As much as we think we know who we are, there will almost always be something we are missing. I’m sorry but we believe what we want to believe, what interests us 90% of the time, its how are minds are built. We dismiss the rest and we are nearly incapable of finding ultimate objective truths. If we knew everything there would really be no point to anything. Whatever you claim is right is almost always going to be what makes you comfortable and your opinions going to differ according to your circumstances and your current frequency. Your sub conscious is huge and it will be pretty fucking hard to integrate the whole thing but the more you know you’re self the more comfortable and the greater you will become (probably, sounds about right though). keep in mind you were born authentic, inseparable from your soul so to find it look for your inner child. youth is not a stage in life but n attitude, an expression of will, imagination and emotional identity. find that.


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