Indigo on Indigos


Indigo children also known as star children, rainbow children and crystal children are part of a new age concept which talks of gifted people sent here on a mission to clean up the bloody place. I believe in it. That’s probably not a surprise. I do believe I am one, you can probably already sense my shimmering indigo aura. I do think I am gifted too, I think we all are really, some differently than others. We all have natural strengths and weaknesses ya feel. Although I’m against the term gifted because I’m desperately trying to avoid the thought of specialness because it can have the potential to overthrow the wonderful thought of oneness I do have to acknowledge my gifts though, I have the gift of passion and now the gift of (a form of) faith and it would be wrong to ignore them. I credit these to both the indigo movement and being a Pisces. I’m good at stuff or at least reasonably good at some stuff and only cuz I find passion. What I’m missing is work ethic and I’m trying to discipline myself more every day although apathy still has the upper hand a lot of the time. If your young, sensitive and creative and you dabble in new age culture, you’re probably regarded as an indigo too. It’s a cool movement to be involved with but the shadow side is the incredible ego boost you get. We call this spiritual bypassing and I think it’s the most common thing the spiritual community experiences. It’s the super ego in work getting all snobby because your more spiritual or whatever. The frame of thought doesn’t work because we all have a spirit, that’s what keeps us a alive, it’s our life energy, our consciousness. You can be more in touch with spirit and you can have journeyed further within but that’s because you chose that path and spent time traversing it. You can’t have more of a spirit than anyone else really just like you can’t have more of a spleen, you both have spleens in the end (that was the most retarded and gross metaphor but fuck it). No one should brag about being more spiritual just like no one should brag about being more emotional or more sexual or more physical or mental or social, we should accept these as common differences driven by individual interests. If we did this Conversations would sound as stupid as

“I’m more social than you”

“Yeah I’m a fucking introvert deal with it bitch”

However the more you try and get rid of the ego the cheekier the bloody thing gets. Ego traps are frequent and it’s hard to tread past them so it helps to be constantly looking out for them. The big one is There’s a theory that indigo children are collectively an interpretation of the second coming of ol’ Jeebus since like back then there were like 10’000 people back then and now there’s 7 billion so instead of one god like fella we just got millions of meddling kids to do the work. If you believe this and consider yourself a kind of prophet or part of a collective prophet it goes to your head a bit understandably. Not that I’ve been around for generations to do a comparison but kids these day do seem pretty sharp and we might actually be able to revolutionize our world so Whether or not the new age prophecy applies, we still have a wonderful movement capable of great things. Keep in mind you can consider yourself as part of a new awake, creative sum of people without using the term indigo if you want. I think spiritual concepts might even have more value without the phrases, people hate the term third eye, I love it but it exists regardless of the name. The fire started in the 60’s and 70s has rekindled again and it’s going to burn bigger and brighter than ever. Go get em’ indigos


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