Anti P.C. Propaganda, the Importance of Satire

Like child molestation, what is and isn’t okay to joke about can be a touchy subject (bad dum tss). In this current world where everything is becoming overly P.C., a lot of lads and lasses are getting offended far too often over far too little. Apparently its not okay to joke about race, religion, gender, weight, class, sexuality or what you ate for breakfast yesterday. This ain’t 1984 and I’m sorry but rape jokes can be funny as fuck. One of the biggest television shows in history has a character based solely around the fact he’s a rapist (giggity) and another character based solely around the fact he’s a pedophile and everyone loves em. Its good to be respectful and that but we have to understand the difference between solemnity and seriousness. Joking about something isn’t necessarily supporting it. Its usually (at least in the case of satire) ridiculing ideals that are already seen as wrong.satire is one of the most important tools we have. I don’t even think it’s the humor people get offended by but the subjects a lot of the time. They ignore things outside of their bubble and get defensive when the same things are brought to their attention just like we would get alerted by an intruder in our house. Once upon a time we had philosophers, now we have comedians because people listen to shit when its funny and that’s what makes funnyness so important. I’m guessing since literature and the arts existed, political commentary and ridicule has been of great societal importance, its in Shakespeare’s writing and Mozart’s music. It’s the glitter of our culture. Imagine the biggest injustice or systemic issue being potentially deflated with one joke. That’s almost the power we have just by being born with a voice box and the gift of laughter. Please try to remember when a comedian “makes fun of” I don’t know homosexuals in their routine its going to 90% of the time not be discriminating them but highlighting the irrationality of people that would. I don’t think a lot of folk understand that. Actually just think of the term “make fun” how the fuck is that a bad term? Why wouldn’t we want to make something fun? Why are people against fun? Life is an experience and it should be enjoyed, if you take literally anything “too seriously” you’re losing the game in my opinion. Not to say abandon your beliefs or anything but don’t waste your time trying to hang on to a thought that isn’t serving you anymore. If you get offended by something all you’re essentially doing is admitting your too sensitive to deal with it which is okay, you can feel that way but that doesn’t make the joke you heard objectively wrong, you can just ignore it and carry on with your life yeah? People should be able to say whatever the fuck they want. people should have their voices heard no matter their opinion and then people should have discussions with other people with opposing beliefs and enjoy the miracle of human interaction because that’s the only way anyone’s going to understand anything. If you argue with a joke though, You won’t win, I’m giving you a heads up and yes there are appropriate times and places to say certain things and if you tell offensive jokes maybe you should think about who’s listening every now and then, that’s probably okay or you could say fuck it, remove your filter and be yourself everywhere, its your choice, I’m not your mum. Back to the seriousness an all, you can still be dignified and have a laugh. When people get too serious and too stubborn often the only thing powerful enough to take them on is a sense of humor so please don’t get rid of yours.


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