In Gary we Trust

One of mine an many others greatest weaknesses is the struggle for general motivation, I’ve always sucked at it, I winged 12 years of school without blinking an eye lid. I cant keep anything up for too long. I might want to exercise and then I can discipline myself a little until 2 months passes and I realize I’ve already stopped exercising. even when im passionate about something, that passion is all ways short lived. Don’t worry though my sweet children I believed I have found my savior

Gary Vaynerchuck

If you haven’t already heard of him, Gary Vaynerchuck is an investor, entrepreneur and Youtuber who will willingly share all his secrets because he simply doesn’t give a fuck and wants you to start giving one. He gives you rational advice in such away that you cant ignore it and every video of his I watch feels like a well deserved kick in the arse. I can tell myself the reason i’m not getting anywhere is because I’m not doing anything but it still doesn’t make me want to do anything but when Gary said it I started a fucking blog. He conveys all his information in such a genuine and honest way that you cant help but listen. Most motivational speakers are too fake, trying to act as someone they’re not, someone no one is but Gary is authentic as fuck, an A grade hustler who will give you the perspective you’ve needed all your life, by watching one of his videos every day (and he posts videos everyday) I guarantee  you as long as you follow his message your motivation levels will rise no matter how hopeless some of us (myself) are. in the end no one can make you change but the point is i reckon Gary might be able to convince you to so check him out



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