Words, Music, Camera, Beer, Boredom

I want to write but I don’t now what to write about so I’m just gonna write some scrambled shit. I’m listening to some newer songs of tonight alive. Tonight alive used to be one of those bands where id just put their discography on shuffle and listen to them all day, I kind of miss that, their last album I listened to a few songs and wasn’t that impressed because I was expecting something different. I hate to be one of those people who get all cynical when a band changes their sound. I guess some bands get really experimental and take a stab in the dark that doesn’t work out to well but im pretty sure tonight alive are naturally progressing their sound as a band which makes me feel like an arsehole so I’m giving their new stuff another chance. They were pop punk and now they are more idk pop rock like 30 seconds to mars-ish, cleaner guitar sounds and synths and that.  I miss the days where I could just listen to the same band for hours and enjoy it, that was special. For me there’s very few bands who have consistent enough material to be able to that. I’m dog sitting for the weekend. Mum gave me a very brief set of rules for the house (keep it tidy and that) and I jokingly asked her to buy me a bottle of whiskey if I followed them and she agreed because that’s how trustable I am. Im allowed a few people over at a time just no heaps. Ive had a couple beers today and I’m keen to socialize but all my mates are either working or have a missus that they’re spending time with. I’ve been pretty happy chilling by myself being creative the past week or so but that’s expired now and I’m keen to get pissed and socialize. My sleep patterns are so fucking munted at the moment, I’ve been staying up till four in the morning and sleeping in till the earlyafterboon. Sometimes I stay up all night and stay awake all day the next day with tiny naps throughout then some nights I get to sleep at a decent time but that sadly doesn’t fix anything. I woke up at 1:30 this afternoon and made a coffee and had a few durries, cooked some chilli and had a phone conversation but that’s about it. I have so many lazy days. I want to start being productive more but its hard not to slip back into your old routine. Ooh yeah and I bought a camera yesterday. When I looked it up I could of got it cheaper so I’m kind of pissed off but I bought insurance for it and everything so I couldn’t be fucked taking it back. the pictures are really good but the video is kind of grainy and eh which sucks because I kind of bought it to make videos with. I can’t complain though because that’s what I get for being impulsive. Instead of researching cameras I’m like “NO! I WANT IT NOW” and go to the nearest electronics store and buy one. Im keen to learn to use this thing though, it should be fun. This post has no point I just wanted to write something for this blog. Actually fuck it that is the point to this post. the message is when you say you can’t write anything you probably can because what I just wrote was literally “anything” so go me. fuck I’m bored right now lel


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