The True Message of The Left

Racism, sexism, homophobia, war, separation of class. Know how to fix these? All at once? We stop thinking we’re fucking better than everyone else. Discrimination comes from segregation which comes from one groups pride. This is why pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Why do we think we’re automatically better than others? The only thing we should ever be proud of is our accomplishments. We shouldn’t be proud of anything we were born with, only grateful. As a (arguably) straight white male I don’t really experience the same issues that come with the package of the social status minorities have but I can sympathize, I know what its like to be treated lesser than someone and i know what its like to cop dirty looks. I also know what its like to treat someone lesser than me and give them dirty looks, these mindsets are where social injustices spawn from and both feel like shit to participate in. we are all guilty of them. i know we are. I don’t care how accepting you think you are, you have to  acknowledge at some point in your life you’ve judged someone for something so discrimination is kept alive in you. you weren’t born that way. Its an age old societal issue that we learned from our culture but unless you are a monk or a Jedi master its going to be inside you and If we were ever to build a utopia its a habit we will inevitably have to kick . If we all accept each other for how we are and learn to understand each other we can then assess our ever growing global issues in the right way and learn to progress as a species. This is the true message of the left. The right want to keep things the same and the left want to change change things for the better. History has its place no doubt and so does tradition but i think we can change and i think we can do it effectively by learning to treat one another with our natural gifts of love, empathy and compassion and by ignoring the sense of pride that made us what we are now. Its cliche but there ain’t nothing wrong with cliches, they wouldn’t exist if they were useless and I vouch for change and I vouch for equity


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