What’s Chakralackin?

The common philosophy is that our brain controls everything we do, this is not entirely true, we have seven energy centre’s through our bodies that can impact us before your thoughts even have time to manifest. These energy centre’s are the chakras. Next time you feel a strong emotion try and pin point where that feeling lies physically and you’ll be able to know which of your chakras are in work. a tightness in your chest, butterflies in your stomach etc.

The chakras run up your body in alignment with your spine, this is why in yoga and meditation there is an emphasis on posture. Chakras come from the Hindu religion. Hindus have 330 billion gods and cop a lot of shit for it too but 330 billion is derived from its root number 33 for there are 33 vertebrae in your spinal cord. (Hindu scriptures are illuminati confirmed)

Muladhara, The root chakra:

indexThe root chakra is lies at the very base of your spine, it represents the physical world. Most people spend their lives focusing purely on the first three chakras. The root chakra is what connects you to the earth, it is your breath, your body and the ground beneath your feet. It is everything physical.


Svadhishthana, The naval chakra:

index2The naval chakra represents sex, passion, fire, electricity, it is adrenaline, excitement and pleasure. It is the electricity that runs through your veins. You can find it you know where or just above


Manipura, The Solar plexus:

index3Ever felt butterflies in your stomach? That’s when your solar plexus is in work. The solar plexus is your connection to people, your empathy, your intimacy and connection to others. You can find it around your belly button area. I like to find the dint’s in my body. You can probably intuitively find your chakras pretty easy though

Anahata, The Heart chakra:

index4Your heart chakra is your emotions which are the language of the soul, it’s what makes you laugh cry and sing and dance. If the chakras were a quartet, the heart chakra would be the conductor, if they were sailors, the heart chakra would hold the compass. It is a compass, your emotions are your compass, they should be driving the ship. The brain is a great servant but a terrible master. you can find the heart chakra                                  at your diagphram.

Vishuddha, The Throat chakra:

index5The throat chakra is your creativity, your expression, your voice. It is art, it is drama, it is articulation, charisma and charm. You can find it (surprisingly) at the base of your throat


Ajna, The Third eye:

index6The third eye is all about intuition, ether, dreams, knowledge, I’ll admit it’s not actually an eye like your other two but it is an energy Centre responsible for dreams and hallucinations so therefore you can see with it. It represents your connection to the metaphysical world. You can find it in between your eyes and maybe just up a little

Sahasrara, The Crown chakra:

index7The crown chakra is the last step on the journey, a fully active crown chakra will act as a portal to the divine and the unknown. It’s what takes you out of body and back again. I think the crown and third eye chakras are more of a team than any of the others. You can find it right at the top of your head.

People may thrive in some areas and lack in the others. My root chakra I need to work on and my throat and third eye chakras are nearly over working sometimes. Using chakras as a metaphysical inner map can do wonders in helping you become who you want to be. In science we’ve been able to learn a lot about the quantum world and the cosmos but that’s external, luckily for thousands of years we’ve had a map of this wonderful inner world. To be ignorant towards this knowledge to me seems like such a handicap.


I’ve just decided to give brief descriptions but a common thing to do is to utilize the chakras further by using their colors as a guide. Say if you’re like me and you’re having trouble with your root chakra, if you’re into crystals you could find some red crystals to carry around or wear and you could eat some red fruits and vegetables like tomatoes.


Disclaimer: this is just my personal perception of the chakras and I’m sure there are other, better descriptions of them out there lol


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