A Tribute To Patch

2002- 2017

Many of us have gone through the struggle of losing one of our beloved four legged friends, I’m going through this struggle now and it’s surely not the greatest experience I’ve had. A few days ago my family and I lost one of the most beautiful dogs we’ve ever come across, a border collie cross kelpie named Patch. Patch was my grandparent’s dog, my cousins, my sister and I have known him nearly all our lives. My grandparents got him when I was 4 and my cousin, Ben was five. I don’t think it’s very common to have too many memories before the age of 4 and I certainly don’t so for me Patch has always been there, we had grown up together. I’m sure we all think or dogs act like humans and a lot of them do but Patch was really and truly one of us kids. When we rode our bikes around he would even pick up a little bike of his own in his mouth and run around behind us, he followed us wherever we went. Patch was a true farm dog but as much as he was a farm dog Patch was a cricketer. I can’t help but reminisce of all the backyard cricket games we played with him and he would have won man of the match (or dog of the match in his case) in all of them, it’s safe to say you would have to be pretty lucky to field the ball before Patch did. Recently the family went on a camping weekend down the farm and we got to play our last few overs with Patch and for those few moments it was like All the deterioration Patch had gone through with age had suddenly disappeared and he was back to his old self. I hope I never forget them.VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110

Patch lived a good life a part from one horrific incident. A while ago now he got himself caught up between a few dingoes and had torn his right back leg to shreds. The local vet said that there was no way he could keep it but thanks to a brilliant vet and friend of the family, Patch would end up walking on four legs once again. Patch had such a wonderful nature. He wouldn’t have hurt a fly (although he may have hurt a few cows) so hearing of the incident was a little saddening but Patch was tough as nails. As a kid I would often look at how brave Patch was and it would truly inspire me. It may sound odd learning life lessons from a dog (I’m sure many of us have) but that’s how special patch was and that’s why he will always live on in our hearts. I’ve met a lot of dogs in my time, a lot of great dogs but none of them will ever compare to Patch, he was my first four legged friend and hell always have been my most important one. His spirit was second to none and the love I had for him was truly unconditional. It helps me to think Patch has moved on somewhere and is out there in the universe collecting all the good karma he deserves.029

At the end of the day dogs are never going to live as long as humans and as much as we want them to we can’t expect them to and as much as it hurts to lose him, the pain of grief will never compare to the gratitude I have for knowing such a wonderful creature. Rest in peace Patchy and if there is a doggy heaven may you be blessed with n infinity of sticks, rocks and tennis balls. Love you mate.



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