Why Having a Jedi Religeon Makes Sense

So in the national census survey a few years back now a shitload of people (i”m presuming jokingly) wrote down Jedi as their religion, some people have taken it a step further and founded the Jedi church, after having learned a lot about different religions and philosophies, when I watched star was recently and compared what id learned to the beliefs the Jedi taught, I realized I couldn’t disagree with anything they believed in, in fact I agreed with them. What we have seems to be a nice little amalgamation of existing beliefs linked to truly wonderful narrative.

The Jedi way is awfully close to the way of the Buddha, you can notice this when the Jedi teach such things as the importance of focus and meditation and the idea that attachment leads to suffering. In the story of star wars there are biblical ties and the idea of the force so far it doesn’t contradict with physics. I think If we were to look at all religions ad pieces of mythology as a set of stories, the purpose of which is to educate us on certain archetypes and moral values than I cant see a good reason why star wars cant be one.

What the Jedi church believe in is extremely vague but they essentially all share the belief that “the force is an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us, it penetrates us and it binds the galaxy together. One my favorite spiritual teachers and mentors is a woman named teal swan (ill link her Youtube channel), she claims to be extra sensory and states

” it was truly enlightening to me when I fully comprehended that I do not see negative space , which is what many people call “air” instead everything looks to me like energy with no spaces in between. Every energy field bleeds into every other energy field, creating one huge existence of “inter-being” and because of this , I perceive how everything that is affects everything else that is .”

To be honest, I think what I love most about star wars is how deep it can get, the world George Lucas has create is truly magical and the spiritual aspect is on point, all the sci fi and action is just a bonus. one of the things I like most about the idea of the force is how there are two sides. The light and dark, the ying and the yang. In the world we live in we are in constant polarity, just as our cells have protons and electrons with positive and negative charge, we have the self and the ego, male and female, right brain and left brain etc. in this world there is duality everywhere. To turn to The dark side of the force to me seems like giving your self up to your ego. When Anakin transforms into Darth Vader he takes on the energy of all the seven deadly sins. He cannot let go of his ego and therefore engulfs himself in his ego. Another thing id like to mention is that The foretold prophecy said that Anakin would bring balance to the force which i also really like because they knew that one side of the force could not exist without the other and therefore a balance between sides would be the best possible state to live in.

In conclusion i’m probably looking too far into it and whether you are interested in becoming a Jedi or not star wars is and will forever remain fucking awesome

Teal’s channel: https: //www.youtube.com/user/TheSpiritualCatalyst

the Jedi Church: https://www.jedichurch.org/jedi-doctrine.html


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