10 Movies to Soothe The Soul

I didn’t really see myself doing listicles but I do like lists so here is a list of 10 spiritually inclined movies id like to share with you all. Im excluding documentaries because that makes it to difficult, maybe ill do another list for the docos

  1. Spirit- Stallion of Cimarron:

    theres no better thing to watch than a wild horse running… And running… and running. But seriously there isn’t

  2. Inside Out:

    they say the emotions are the language of he soul and this Pixar is a beautiful interpretation of how “dem feels” work.For me there is no separation from the soul and the inner child  so kids movies are great for connecting with your higher self. Growing up with pixar movies has been such a blessing to me and the kids of my generation a swell as those to come. I think its safe to say many of us have ended up crying watching at least a few of these movies whether it was at the sad parts o the heartwarming parts so its okay if toy story 3 got to you haha, it was meant to

  3. Our Idiot Brother:
    Paul Rudd plays a kind hearted, idealistic fella who embarrassingly gives some sweet Mary Jane to a cop, when he gets out of prison he needs some support from his family. this is a good film for all the easy going free spirited types to learn how easy they can get taken advantage of lel

  4. Star Wars:

    in my last article I discuss how the jedi religion actually should be a religion. The spiritual concepts in star wars are second to none. Learning the ways of the force could very well be the pinnacle point in your spiritual journey

  5. Stone:

    most likely my favorite actor, ed Norton plays a prisoner who has his awakening the conversations between him and his psychologist (Robert De Niro) are really great and since the two are coming from opposite ends of the scale, their convos can act as a projection of some of our own inner conversations about spirituality and certain theory’s

  6. Into The Wild:

    We’ve all thought about it but it’s the most satisfying thing to watch someone going to the effort of going off the grid completely, living alone in nature and getting away from all the bullshit that life tends to throw us. Into the wild is a great film with an appropriate soundtrack preformed by Eddie Vedder

  7. Gandhi
    well if you know who Gandhi is I don’t have to explain this one, if you don’t know who Gandhi is you should watch this film
  1. Tarzan:
    boi this a good one.Ever wondered what it would be like to return to the lifestyle humans used to live? You know raised by gorillas in the jungle? Shit sorry I mean in nature. Well if you have Tarzan probably isn’t that accurate but its still a bloody top film.
  2. Life of Brian:

    this cheeky little comedy is an oldie but a goody. Monty pythons daring spoof on the life of some fella named Jebus is absolute gold. Isn’t satire just wonderful.

  3. Dead Poets Society:
    had to chuck this in of course. carpe dium motherfucker

let me know what i missed!


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