The Divine Masculine, My Own Interpretation

So there’s been a whole lot of talk about gender identity, gender rights, feminism ect. And it really makes you ask yourself what it truly means to be a male/female. In my case it’s male. To be honest I think we aren’t that different, it’s funny to talk about how men and how women are this and that but apart from the physical differences I think we are born more or less the same and what makes us different are the social constructs we try and live up to. Women have to be beautiful and men can’t be emotional/sensitive and all that. We all know these are arguable things but the question is for me, what does it truly mean to be a male?

I think some good male qualities are:

  1. Strength
  2. Leadership
  3. Responsibility


Strength is an obvious one, physical strength can be important but so is emotional and psychological strength, I think this is where the men can’t cry idea comes from, I think it’s fine to be sensitive in fact it can be very useful thing. I don’t cry much, I made a decision when I was young that I wouldn’t cry and I have only cried a handful of times since then but recently I’ve been able to cry watching certain movies and I think it’s a blessing, I love that I can once again feel certain things that I didn’t allow myself to feel before. To be sensitive, to know and allow your emotions can be a great quality because you can use your emotions as a compass. Empathy is one of the most important traits us humans have and you will never be able to feel empathy if you don’t allow yourself to cry or feel pain so if you are sensitive but you can learn to deal with your emotions and better yet see past them (if you have to) then in my opinion you are winning.


I think a male should be able to lead. This is one of the things I’m working on myself. I can’t remember where I read this but it always sticks in my head, “a boy wants to be a hero but a man has nothing to prove” so leadership shouldn’t be about wanting to lead but being ready to lead if the time comes. If you are empathetic and compassionate then you can see other people’s sorrows and tend to them but for me a leader should be able to look past those sorrows and be able to see a more rational objective option if such thing exists. A leader should have the strength to be empathetic and compassionate but have the reserved strength to act otherwise but only if that is for the benefit of everyone else. The leaders we have today can’t do this. Instead, they ignore the empathetic, compassionate, may I say human parts of themselves and only act on the benefit of the few so they are not good leaders because they are not supporting the people they lead and because of that they have shut of some of their most important aspects. Leader ship is not easy and that’s why this ties into the first characteristic I mentioned, strength


Responsibility for me means simply, doing what needs to be done, nothing more, nothing less. What needs to be done may differ for you depending on your attitude and this is why “being mature” really means nothing to me because everyone is different and has different motives and objectives but if you have a good work ethic and your constantly doing shit than chances are you are responsible. A few of you might be confused about what I just said so I’ll give an example of different attitudes. There are dishes in the sink. Person 1 might think there are dishes in the sink, they aren’t being used and they need to be washed. Person 2 might think there are dishes in the sink but they still have plenty of clean dishes to use so the dishes in the sink can get washed when they are closer to needing more clean dishes. Person 1 wants the kitchen to be cleaner and person 2 only cares about how the kitchen looks as far as their own idea of practicality goes. I don’t think either person 1 or person 2 is wrong, we have different tastes, I’ve gone on a stupid detour about dishes but yeah. Responsibility ties back into leadership, a leader is responsible for pretty much everything, after all they are the face of the group.

So this is just my opinion on how an ideal male might be, I am not like this at all but this is what I would like to be more like someday. I think it’s good to ask ourselves these kinds of questions from time to time to help us better ourselves and possibly see things from a better angle than we did before. Thanks for reading ppls


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