Self Help – Why You Should Check Yourself b4 You Riggity Riggity Wreck Yourself

so as you can see I’ve started a blog, Starting a blog means writing about stuff, being able to write about stuff means being able to write what you know, what I know just happens to contain a lot of spirituality and with that by default I’ve kind of landed in the self help field with no real qualifications. Since I’ve landed here I have the responsibility of being honest, I feel absolutely shit sometimes and that’s why I like self help. To learn tips to either prevent you from feeling shit when you aren’t already or when you are feeling shit being able to feel a little less shit. There seems to have been a big shift, something astrological I’m pretty sure about change, if I’m right you’ve probably had a lot going on lately and whether good or bad its going to represent some kind of change and this shift for me anyway isn’t easy,  for a moment there it almost felt like all the psychology, spirituality, religion and self help techniques I’ve learned recently have been of no use because I feel the same way I felt when I was young and decided to take up durry punching as a hobby, I feel just as a bad as I ever had and all so randomly so I thought that maybe all the progress I’ve made has really done nothing since I couldn’t prevent myself from feeling this way again. Turns out I was quite luckily wrong, feeling this way and knowing what I’ve learned is a blessing in itself, instead of letting my thoughts consume me Ive been aware of them and I’ve been able to alter them and get ready for the next wave, I’ve been able to practice gratitude in the midst of my negative thoughts to balance them out. look, I’m no expert on depression but if I were to voice an opinion id say that its all self conflicted, that events may happen that cause you to feel a certain way but it is you who decides to stay there and happiness really is a choice and can never be measured by material wealth but only by the attitude you have towards your situation whatever that is. I see silver linings in everything now and the only reason is because I look out for them. If you think self help is for the weak you are wrong, self help is for people who want to be better, who want to feel and think better and through self help people can potentially become some of the raddest cunts out there because they can learn and act upon all the wisdom our species has acquired in the past. No one can make you change but you. You can’t expect everyone else to cater for you and you cant dwell on the fact that they don’t (if they don’t). All we can do is use the resources we have available to potentially better ourselves and get what we want and some of the best resources out there are bloody self help books/videos/whatever your preferred medium is, its a no-brainer. So if you are struggling I suggest you indulge in some self help literature and if you aren’t I also recommend the same thing so you may not have to struggle so much in the future so if you can i think you should research how to feel good and truly try to take any of the advice you find because i think that’s all any of us really want anyway


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