My Week as a Vegan

I’m not sure if your familiar with this guy, Infinite Waters(diving deep) on Youtube, he’s pretty cool, really optimistic fella and he makes you feel good but he’s always going on about this 7 day vegan challenge which doesn’t make sense because he’s been vegan for yonks. I guess what he might mean by saying it is that we should go vegan for 7 days and that’s enough to get us hooked, so I tried it because he keeps saying it and it got lodged in my brain. I’ve watched enough documentaries on Netflix to think “yeah bloody oath, vegan is the way to go aye” so I did it for a week to see what the fuss was about. I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor so I can’t say what the best diet is, there’s a lot of talk about the paleo diet as well but that’s just health if you throw in a little ethics then your back to veganism.

The week went smoothly, I simultaneously got sick at the start of a week so the experiment was never going to be too accurate but I did feel a bit better when the week ended. Now I’m back on a normal diet I can eat meat no problem but it’s the dairy that I’m not liking too much anymore, if I have a coffee or anything it just doesn’t sit well in my stomach at all which is a surprise to me because I used to smash punnets of ice cream on the reg after a couple cones whilst relaxing watching cartoons.

I do really want to go vegan but I’m not going to do it right now and yes now is usually the best time to quit or pick up a habit and ill explain. I still live at home, that’s it. It’s practical for me and my mum if we both eat the same things, if there’s food there that I don’t eat it goes to waste and I’m not going to force my mum to go vegan so when I move out and become independent then that’s when I think I’ll make the change, with all I’ve learned through those bloody docos I’ve watched it would be wrong not to change my diet but I don’t think I should have to feel guilty if I wait a while. The other major thing is I am still drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes so even when I was vegan I didn’t have the healthiest diet but… that’s not the point, yeah I may sound like a hypocrite talking about eating healthy while I smoke and of course I’m going to quit smoking if I make health a priority but I suggest you ask anyone who eats meat and smokes what would be easier to quit. The road to health is going to be a step by step process for me and I think if you were to make too bigger jump then you might end up making it a bit more difficult than it should be. I don’t think anything that causes you stress is going to be all that healthier choice in the bigger picture so I think it’s alright to take it easy. For now, I’m going to make my choices meal by meal and but I am seriously thinking about giving the dairy a miss already.

The problems I faced and the problems you will probably face if you do the same thing as me is that it’s difficult socializing and not being able to eat the same things as your mates and when you’re in the shops you might go to buy something and forget it’s not vegan lol but I think these are things you’ll easily get used to. I think if you buy and cook your own food and research a little nutrition you shouldn’t find it too hard and if you can’t cook I suggest you learn. The only cravings I had were for chicken at the end of the week but I’ve dealt with ciggy cravings before so I managed. Anyway, If yall are either considering veganism like me or are already killing a vegan diet, I support you


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