An Open Letter to Myself About Addiction

People get addicted because they disconnect from the world, people get addicted because they are lonely and the weird thing is through their addiction they find connection with other people with the same addiction, there is all this alcohol culture and weed culture and we end up with all these lonely people bonding with other lonely people over the particular way in which they hide their loneliness. The world can be a dark place, it just depends where you live (not geographically its a metaphor you fucks) and we need to talk to each other and connect, we don’t want to embarrass ourselves or annoy anyone else and then we get lonely because of our fear of what others might think, we dissociate and turn to behaviours that damage us just because we are scared. When you become open and honest you can start digging up unwanted emotions. this is true, yes and they can hurt sometimes but if we shut the metaphorical doors and the curtains around us we can suffer much greater pains so in the end openness, honesty and projection may just be the key we are looking for. As humans we need to socialize just like we need food and sleep so if you are afraid to talk to people you are essentially afraid of one of your bare necessities as a human and you will inevitably suffer. If you feel lonely, talk to someone, its that simple, there is 7 billion people on this fucking earth and if you can honestly go to the effort to start a conversation with each and everyone of them and literally not one of those 7 billion has the decency to hear your shit then you have the right to kill yourself but that’s a 1 in 7,000,000,001 chance so you’ll probably be right aye. You might even realise that people aren’t all that different and a lot of em probably deal with the same bullshit and we can all potentially work together and build a a better world where we don’t always get all that lonely and that all too often.


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