I am water
water in my body, water in my blood
I am water in emotions flowing through me like a flood
I am water in my birthday like astrology and stuff
I am water any form transform with anger, hatred, love
I am water, water gives me life
liquid darkness, liquid light
Liquid I am liquid any hit to me I ripple I –
am water my emotions and the thoughts within my brain
will only flow but they will only over flow when they’re contained
Water brought up, caught up in this western world so give me water
I need water! fuck it, give me whiskey
I need whiskey give me whiskey
Whiskey, Hit me swiftly with a whiskey I insist the fucking whiskey will assist me and enrich me fucking give me all the whiskey.

Whiskey’s water but while water is a mystery

Whiskey, whiskeys like a friend familiar kill ya in the kidneys

Whiskeys warm but it will hit you with an icy hook I’m hooked on fucking whiskey give me whiskey give me whisky simply I don’t give a fook

Like you know how rappers change the vowel sound in words to make it rhyme, its smart okay!!! I’m a genius. back off.



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