No one wants to work. Im not going to complain about my job, it’s a good job and im grateful for it but its still work, its still not what I wan’t to be doing everyday. you may tell me thats life but I have a theory that life can be different, that you can do what you love everyday if you want to. I’ve been listening to my favourite music, some soft jazz and hip hop, chain smoking and sipping on wine in my backyard, it’s so beautiful but the downside is I have to go to bed at some point, wake up, stop relaxing and start working away, labouring to come home and settle down and repeat the cycle, I dont want to drink wine for a living cuz lime besides being unrealistic it sounds a little sad but I dont wan’t to do what im doing either, I’m bad at planning things, I’ve always winged it but if I want the kind of life I dream of I’m going to have to write doen some steps. My life is good, I mean its okay, its not bad, I dont mind it but I want better and I Believe better exists, I want to wake up at whatever time suits me , start work after straight after my morning coffee and be keen to work and not just be conditioned to accept it. I want work to not be work, I want there to be no line between work and play, I don’t want to work for myself but I don’t want to work for someone else either, I want to work for the people that benifit from what I do. Thats the life I want


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