369 Words

I’m getting lazy again. i have to fight this laziness. i want to grow as a human and this is part of it, kicking myself in the arse for being too lazy for too long. it seems like such a small thing, writing some stuff down for a blog post but its significant for me, whenever i feel passionate about something i get bored after a certain period of time and lose all the motivation i had. my mind just wanders off, sometimes to another passion and sometimes to nothing at all and i don’t really want to anything but having a glass of wine and watching the Simpsons, which is beautiful but its a perfect example of what I’ve heard is called majoring in minor things. writing a blog is something productive, i think it is anyway so for that reason writing these words right now is something i have to do. I’ve made some commitments, 1 to this blog, 2 to productivity in general which this blog is a factor in and 3 to happiness which I’m hoping productivity and therefore purpose will help me achieve so this is why I’m writing this post and also what the post is about because i cant think of much else right now except for that song that goes…”its not unusual to be loved by anyone” which is stuck in my head because it featured in the last Simpsons episode i watched so yeah i really cant think of anything worth writing about right now but like i gots to do what i gots to do and i gots to write 369 words of scrambled thoughts and my eternal struggle with motivation right now because it seems better than writing nothing. i watched a video about this guy who learned to draw once, I think it was a ted talk (couldn’t be fucked finding it) and he promised himself he’d at least draw one line everyday so this is my one word turned into like 369 i guess. i mean, i don’t even write 1 word everyday which just proves how much i really care (fucking entitled millennials am i right?) but today i did so yeah. any tips on general motivation would be appreciated


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