My 2 Cents on Jim Carrey and How Acting Can Alter Your Perception

Did we all see the video? ill link it if you haven’t. so Jim Carrey’s ironically attracting a lot of attention from his dissociation from society and materialism. i mean what he says makes a lot of sense but he doesn’t seem to be very grounded, that’s something I’ve been working on a lot, my grounding but Jim has an excuse for his drealization, i think a celebrity like Jim must have experienced(or at least had the chance to) almost everything life has to offer and with his status he would have experienced it all with such intensity so he doesn’t really have any reason anymore to be an active member of society, he still is but he doesn’t want it and he doesn’t have to want it because hes done it already. through spiritual practice a lot of us have been able to enter the perspective of the observer, which is really beneficial for self introspection, self growth and building philosophies. at a certain point we get introduced to the knowledge that right and wrong, good and bad really have no boundaries, the best we can do is try and organize what has positive and negative affects on ourselves and the world around us but even then it naturally differs a little from person to person but even when we can sort them out and tell the difference, we realize that we need both the positive and negative, we need polarity because its how the world works, the ying and the yang and the balance of the two is the nature of the universe. we can dissociate sometimes and take a fly on the wall, unbiased point of view, when i realized i could go to this perspective, part of me wanted to stay there forever but i then decided that I’ve always seen myself as an actor rather than a director. i want to play an active part in my life although i still like being able to return to the observer perspective every now and then when i need a break.

in an interview with complex(link below) explaining the video, Jim states “As an actor you play characters, and if you go deep enough into those characters, you realize your own character is pretty thin to begin with,” Carrey explains. “You suddenly have this separation and go, ‘Who’s Jim Carrey? Oh, he doesn’t exist actually.’ There’s just a relative manifestation of consciousness appearing, and someone gave him a name, a religion, a nationality, and he clustered those together into something that’s supposed to be a personality, and it doesn’t actually exist. None of that stuff, if you drill down, is real.”

Look I’m not an actor, I wish I was and I may pursue that one day but since I’m not a working actor I cant call myself an actor but lets pretend I am one for the sake of this article because i have done acting in the past.  As an actor (shut up, remember what I just told you) *clears throat* as an actor it was very easy for me to relate to what Jim said because any method actor knows that the best way to act is not to act but to actually become the character, that means to find the character within yourself, when you are able to do this you may realize that you can relate to almost anything in some way or form and after becoming different people and having to transform yourself as if you are a wee bit of play doh (was gonna say clay but fuck the rules) you come to the conclusion that the person you call you is just another character after all in fact you have always had a series of characters within you that you’ve created to jump to depending on the social situation. this is why on some level everyone has multiple personalities, some of us don’t have huge lines between them or even different names separating them but we all have them. we are all essentially actors and through the participation in and contemplation of the art of acting i think this is something you will often come to know.

so i think Jim is actually quite right or at least pretty close, i cant really argue with his theories, he does seem like a very wise old fella. the only thing i have to say regarding this all is that I’m just not completely sure whether staying in the observer perspective all the time is all that healthy. i mean if it works for you then great but i don’t think your ego has to be an enemy because why wouldn’t you want to be part of your own story? any way keep it real guys or i mean that’s if you are real, like if you want to get all strawberry fields nothing is real like Jim then go for it but for anyone who still believes their life is real then to you i say keep it real, for the people who don’t exist i say nothing because you don’t exist or do you? i need to stop, bain hurty.

heres the vid again for yas


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