The Secret Formula to Optimism

The world can be a dark place, all the bad things you worry about could occur and you have a right to worry about them. All the hardships you went through were real and you should honor them but you don’t not have to let them dictate the way you see the world. You don’t have to let them cripple you. Most people think that positive people are blind to the suffering in the world, They ignore all that is impure. That’s wrong, everyone suffers, everyone! its unavoidable but some people are brave enough to believe life is worth living despite it and they will try to find positives in every situation. I think that’s honorable. I guess what i’m trying to say is don’t mistake positivity for naivety, they are completely different things. Staying optimistic takes an incredible amount of work too where as remaining powerless requires little effort and if you choose to be positive, negative people will inevitably try and shit on you and prove you wrong so you’re going to need to be put together, self aware and focused in order to be able to endure that criticism but it is a choice and you can decide whatever which way you feel. When you are in a darker place you think you are the victim and its you against the world but there are a couple steps i think can help you to move past that place and regain control of your life.

1. let go for a while

Buddhism teaches us to let go of everything to see yourself as a cloud, weightless, just floating along without any worries. we can detach for a while and that can help us sort things out.

2. come back to your problems

Once you’ve figured out what you can’t change and have made peace with it re-eveluate your problems and figure out what things you do have the power to change

3. change them

Nothings stopping you

4. Figure out what you want in life

Once your content with where you are you tend to realize you have nowhere to aim for anymore so you’ll have to set some goals, figure out what you want to accomplish, what you want to happen in your life and write it down

5. go do that thing and make yourself useful

Once you know what you want your going to first have to believe  its possible  and second realize the variable is work and what you put in is what you’re  gong to get out of it. if you can see there is a practical element to chasing a goal or a dream, it starts to become a lot more real

When you have a destiny and you are working towards that, the sense of purpose you feel gives you more life, and if you stay patient and hopeful. place a bet on happiness being a by product. That’s the best advice i can give but at the end of the day its all a gamble and that’s why i say bet big, its what i’m doing

You’ll have chains wrapped around you from every angle but all you have to do is keep your head above water, that’s the way i see it, its about not letting things bring you down that might have yesterday. You have to be a little bit stubborn too, not ignorant but stubborn and optimism is a faith like any so you have to put your whole heart into the fact that the world is a good place or if not that at least a  beneficial one and honor that and be grateful  and then maybe you can stop drowning in sorrow. Love and light




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