if you’re creating content publicly, you’re going to cop criticism, its a universal law. theres many talented people around who aren’t making a name for themselves because they don’t know that talent isn’t what makes success, its balls. anyone who tries to build something will face someone who wants to tear it down at some point in the road. its the reason not everyone is in Hollywood. if you want to pursue a career in the entertainment or arts industry you have to realise the price. you pay a price for everything, you only ever get to choose which poison to take. if you want to make music or youtube videos or comedy or whatever the fuck it is you’ll still have to pay a price for it, please understand this. you might not won’t to sweat your arse of in the sun all day concreting, you might not want to go insane, bored to fucking hell at a shitty desk job. you might think your art could save you from all that but to wear your heart on your sleeve, to express the darkest parts of your soul, to tell everyone what you think, exactly what you think and to expect everyone to simply accept you from the bat is just fucking stupid. people will not like you, people will misunderstand you in fact no one will probably ever 100% understand you but thats actually a good thing. when you do something, anything you become vulnerable to criticism so start thinking of criticism as affirmation that your actually doing something, be proud of it. as a creative, when you decide to make something of your self, you’re going to war so if you want to make money out of the shit you do one day stop being such a fucking bitch amen


disclaimer: if I seem harsh I really write this stuff for myself so this is just the way I talk to myself, I’m a little bit more polite to other people, just a little bit, but like like yeah I’m not calling you a bitch (weather you are or not isn’t my business) I’m calling myself a bitch okay thanks



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