Jordan Peterson, Christianity, Religion in General and the War it Has with Modern Science

see christianity holds a very dear place in my heart, i’ll start with that. the biggest problem i have with christianity however is the 10 commandments. the first being to not worship any other gods, I cant do that, I can’t follow the 10 commandments because (leaving the other commandments for another day) I just cant believe christianity is any more valuable than the other big (and small) religions, I think they all point to the same things but you know, fight me. i mean not murdering seems like a half decent idea but yeah no, i have so much love for the other religions and mythologies and i cant surrender that love however, the seven vices and virtues, the seven deadly sins, thats a really great map of morality in which i can definitely follow. We’ve all heard of Nietzsche’s declarantion that god is dead ( and we have killed him and there will never be enough water to wash away the blood) i think he is right, like he kept that shit open to interpretation a little bit anyway. i mean i think god lives but god as we knew him yesterday, dead! and now the nature of what god is is up to interpretation. i believe in god, I’ll say it, I’m not scared and you know, i’ve spent a lot of time trying to justify my belief but only to others, to myself its intuitive and rooted in my heart. I don’t like to argue with my heart because I lose every time. What in the flying fuck god is, well i dont know, but I don’t need to know its just god okay! I mean he’s just god I’ll say he because it does make sense it would be a he since the earth is our mother. the new age culture will refer to the universe as if it is one big conscious super organism. i like that. even in the bible it says we cant really understand god but you know what? we can have a bloody crack at it. but you know false gods, fuck that shit! them gods ain’t false yo. like, christianity is great but so are the other religions, thats my problem. see, christians usually dont have a great understanding of other religions and for me if it wasn’t for my introduction to eastern religions restoring my faith in the spiritual and the beyond i would have never even gave christianity a second look in the first place so i have to be grateful for that. See, a problem that fundamentalist Christians usually have is they take that shit literally and an atheist can destroy their argument in a second, when i was an “atheist” i used to do the same thing, i had a friend who was christian and i used to go up to him and be like” oh so you reckon this one guy fit all those animals on a fucking boat then? do ya?” but when you take a jungian perspective and look at the stories in the bible or in any mythology as a sort of map of ourselves and the world around us being translated into narrative, a medium which we have evolved to understand then things change… dramatically. i remember after my awakening, being open to religion and having some Jehovahs witnesses rock up at my door (as they do) and i remember thinking well fuck it, lets hear what they have to say. they ended up coming round many times and i learned a lot but i fought them a lot too and they learned a lot. all other things aside, the problem i have still is how you can think the other religions are not equally as valid because ill tell you this, theres great shit in the vedas, in the buddhist scriptures in Egyptian mythology too. any christian arguer will tell you about the prophesy of Daniel well… yeah i have no problem with the prophecy of Daniel, i haven’t dug really deep but as far as im concerned, that shit maps out! theres some real fucking magic at work there, I believe in that shit, I do but theres a lot of crazy shit like that in hinduism what about that stuff? oh okay so your religion is the word of god and the rest is just black magic, nah thats ignorant( I say that in the voice of the Michael Jackson south park impression if you get that reference). 

i do have a lot of respect for my witness friends, don’t get me wrong. the good thing about their particular branch is that they claim that things are up for review. for example, revelations… they say oh yeah so now we realise revelations is probably maybe metaphorical and not literal. but i think a lot more of the book is probably maybe metaphorical and not literal, you know more than just that one chapter. i think the bible’s great i just think we can interpret it a little different now a days. you know, since good Ol’ Nietzsche had to make that fucking prophecy but none the less, whether this shit is literal or not i do love me some christian values. The western world i live in is built on christian values (none of us would be here without them, ever think of that?) so in a sense i act as if i’m christian anyway just following the nature of the society which I live in.

I’ve been reading ’12 rules for life’ by Jordan Peterson (check my arcticle on Jordan) in the book he outlines Christianity and christian values very clearly and im resonating a lot with all of that. I just can’t however (like i mentioned before) discard the teachings of all the other religions, they are equally as meaningful to me (except the one with the terrorists, I don’t particularly like that one). like, you know come on! the chakras! the chakras lay out a wonderful map of our personalities, they show us that we have these different energy centres in our body, which are all very real, that shit is genius! you gonna tell me its black magic? doesn’t sound very black magicy to me but you know, what the hell do I know?. thats my point though.

while im here I do have another tiny wincy little problem, well I have another thing I don’t particularly like about christianity, another little flaw i found. Its not huge but ill share. in Christianity and the way in which almost all westernised story telling goes, there is a protagonist and an antagonist but in eastern religions instead of having a hero and villain they have opposing but equally respected sides of reality, the ying and yang (honestly that simple fucking drawing in itself explains the life we live in better than any fucking book, any anything, its insane!). a lot of christians tend to think that it’s possible to get rid of the bad and just have good but how do you have good without bad? how do you know what you like unless you have a reference point to what you don’t like, thats what I want to know anyway. like, I don’t know how to conceptualise that. in the words of C.G.Jung: it is said, no tree can ever grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell . See, in hindu mythology they have Vishnu and Shiva, Vishnu bringing order and Shiva bringing chaos, much similar to Jesus and Satan but unlike Satan, Shiva is a god, and is regarded as one and worshipped as one, he’s not just some black sheep, fallen angel. It seems evident orienting yourself in order is the way to go, but we must have respect for the chaos surrounding that order too because it is very much a crucial element to our existence but hey, you know other than that good Ol’ christianity seems pretty great to me.

see for me personally, religion plays a huge part in who I am. i constantly end up drawing lines to faith and religion with basically everything else i tend ponder about but my spirituality is a personal journey and I shouldn’t shove it down the throats of others, look, I get that. the only reason I write this shit is because I feel like a lot of “atheists” are just trying to strangle religion and spirituality so I have to fight back a little. so… back to Jordan Peterson. Im absolutely obsessed with this guy, theres usually a bunch of these concepts banging on in my head that he really helps to articulate for me. see Jordan always says there are multiple types of truths. people think of rationality and science as ultimate objective truths about the world but we don’t only live in the physical world so the knowledge we have of the physical world cant stretch to the other levels. see something like an emotion isn’t physical, it cant be seen in the physical world but yet we all understand it and believe in its existence, right?  and when we watch movies and tv shows we become invested and we laugh and cry and mourn with the characters. How can we do that with something that isn’t real? because a good piece of fiction is rooted in truth, the Essence is true. say religion and mythology is all fiction. well,  religion then would be like a meta-fiction, a true king of the fiction world. something that whether or not the specific events of which took place in the physical world is irrelevant because the stories are still in fact true. in fact, probably even more true than any real life story because they have drawn the underlying wisdom, themes and characters(archetypes) from all other stories and have merged them together to create something that has to be really fucking close if it hasn’t actually landed at some objective truths, something that holds the true essence of the drama we play out in our lives. personally i’m way better at understanding (Clearly) religion and all that suff than i am at understanding science and maths and all that mumbo jumbo. Its how i’m built, its in my D.N.A. i see the value of science but i fit a lot better in the metaphysical world than i do in the physical, therefore thats where i spend a lot of my time. think of religion and science as the two sides of the ying yang (look we’re back to the ying yang, it all comes back to the ying yang, I’m fucking telling you! ying yang is love, ying yang is life), ultimately the two sides need each other. they say theres two sides to every story, that would also mean theres two sides to the ultimate story, the story of the universe because figuring out what the physical world around us is made out of as of yet doesn’t give you a fucking inkling of an idea of how to orient yourself in the world. look. is there a god? who the fuck really knows but thats why faith is called FAITH! it’s essentially a gamble but Peterson, (in fact let me credit Carl Jung because Peterson mostly interprets the work of Jung) at least can tell you that religion has tremendous value to the world regardless of whether or not the events documented in those religions took place on the earth you stand on and you know thats good enough for me.. for now (also want to quickly point out that the placebo effect is the greatest discovery in medicine so whether your slightly delusional or not, if it works it works, just watch out for the second it stops working, namaste). I’ll let you go in a second but I want to finish with this; so Descartes, the founder of modern science… I mean what am I doing,  I’m going to let the great philosopher and seasoned space cadet, Terrence McKenna tell the story, here:




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  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and loved that you wrote as you would speak them.

    It sounds as if some of your comments have been prompted as a response to more limited and/or regimented thinking around Christianity and spirituality – and that in itself is a blessing because in wishing to explain your own thoughts about it all, you have been energised to write these ideas down for others to read and ponder on the deeper questions of life.

    I’ve explored much of what you’ve written about here, in my own way. I used to think chakras were a good symbolic way of explaining how energy is transmuted through human bodies from the dense physical, all the way ‘up’ to the rarified ‘spiritual’. It was only when I had physical feelings of these chakras in my own body after standing next to an Indian meditation teacher, that I realised that there was more to these chakra/wheel shaped energy systems than I originally believed.

    Similarly, while emotions can’t be seen, they can be felt playing over the physical body. People only have to ask themselves, “where in my body do I experience/feel joy – anger – anxiety – love” etc, that they can ground these emotions in their physical reality. I think that’s often why a good movie is popular, because as well as sharing a concept, and having the characters evolve through the story, we as watchers are moved as we feel emotions about the story. Everyone has the same emotions, and while we don’t all have the same ideology or values etc, we do all feel.

    Some religions pull more on the emotional strings than others, I always see Christianity moving people either with guilt (we crucified Christ for our sins), and/or love (“Love one another as I love you”). Buddhism acts more on the mind and brings understanding of deep concepts, as well as equanimity or tranquil mind. The Hindus I have known are very inclusive. A friend of mine and I went to a Hindu temple in London several times and the people who usually worshipped there were always very curious and sometimes in awe, of our meditative experiences. I have noticed that Buddhists nuns/monks and Hindu swamis tend to be a lot happier than the Christian monks/nuns that I have met (except for one). These have been my experiences and I can’t speak for everyone of each faith.

    I am intrigued by what you’ve said about Jordan Peterson and will investigate his points of view. My own experiential understanding of life, the universe and everything (including christianity and my own connection to god whatever ‘he/she/it’ is called) has been influenced by subjective experiences through dreams, visions and meditative experiences. Shamanism cannot be overlooked in that to me, shamans actually walk in the worlds that Jung spoke of, which others talk about metaphorically. There’s certainly more to life than meets the eye. But then our brains our wired to only see what we believe (I think it’s the amygdala that’s responsible for that). It pays therefore to have an open mind and challenge ourselves to explore beyond what we know and ‘love’ as being the only reality that we believe. That’s where faith comes in I think. Having faith that by asking open-ended questions to ‘god’ about what is written in the ancient texts, and then listening with discernment to our inner answers (yeah, intuition – inner-tuition), is one way to go beyond our limited understanding of ourselves, god and the universe in which we live (in a multi-dimensional way). But some people aren’t ready to go beyond their beliefs, as these beliefs keep them feeling safe in a world that is indeed chaotic. Getting back to Nature is a way of seeing order in the chaos. Look at fractals in shapes of trees, leaves, shells etc…

    That brings me on to asking those questions and maybe perceiving an answer that does come from deep within the symbolic world – deep beneath the Tree of Life’s roots, or from high up above Its branches. The lands of Jung et al. It did make me smile when I listened to Terence McKenna talking about how science is built on the advice of an angel! There do appear to be beings which transcend worlds, while appearing to reside within our own, and if we ask with sincerity and listen with an open heart and mind, it is amazing the wisdom that can be received.

    Again, I very much enjoyed your thoughts and thank you for giving me the opportunity to put some of my own thoughts out there into cyberspace.

    Keep writing your stuff down. It’s very thought provoking. 😉

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    1. wow. that thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my scattered thoughts. I always love to hear your opinions on these matters. well I’m definitely ruled by my throat chakra so im very vocal. I guess now I think about it i only really ever write with the intention of speaking(preforming really) I loved what you said about chakras and locating your emotions physically. thats an exercise I’ll have to try. I aways really enjoy hearing about your journey too, its so cool that you’ve had experiences like you have, thanks again!


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