R.I.P., X

my heart broke today when i found out the world lost rapper xxxtentacion. x has gained a lot of negative stigma, i know. a lot of people really didn’t like him, i know but i was (still am) a fan. he had a troubled past sure, he’s been accused of horrible things sure. i can’t tell you if he did those things i wasn’t there. look i mean he’s said some alarming shit and i’m sure he was abusive in some of his relationships at least psychologically, fine, maybe that makes him a horrible piece of shit, whatever i’m not debating it but i didn’t pay much attention to that, it wasn’t my business and its not the first time an artist turned out to have mental problems, ialso want to add that if you followed x you knew how much effort he put in trying to improve himself and lend a helping hand or shoulder to everyone around him. he was a fucked up kid for sure but despite all of the negative stigma he got, and despite his own mental health issues he managed to make a name for himself, he managed to attract a lot of attention through his art and managed to make some great music that really related to our generation. its easy to criticise and belittle him but i personally really enjoyed his art, i really loved seeing someone who was only a couple months older than me innovating and creating great music and making a name for himself and for that reason he was a little bit of a hero for me. he was my peer and he was at a place career wise that i still dream about, he also made that happen from the ground up, thats kind of what a hero is anyway i think and i admired that. he was a really ambitious motherfucker too! he was so confident about his career and what he planned to do and i admired that too even though a lot of you would have labeled it as arrogance. yesterday the time came for him to leave us. he was only just growing as an artist (and a person) and i truly believe he could have really turned the music industry on its head given the chance but hey look, thats how it goes. any one of us could die at any moment and theres a million other things that could go wrong in our lives. i’m obsessed with my destiny and i love hearing success stories that i can model my life around but i think its equally important on your own journey to hear the other stories, the tragic ones, that way maybe you can learn from them and use them to your advantage, i guess that doesn’t really apply in this instance because i’m not sure that we can help death but i think thats still not a bad thought, i guess what i actually mean by that is we have to consider both sides of life. when you think about the fact that he could reach someone like me, a guy from a small town in another country it means he really has left a footprint, a legacy and well, thats something. rest in peace x


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