What’s Chakralackin?

The common philosophy is that our brain controls everything we do, this is not entirely true, we have seven energy centre’s through our bodies that can impact us before your thoughts even have time to manifest. These energy centre’s are the chakras. Next time you feel a strong emotion try and pin point where that... Continue Reading →

The True Message of The Left

Racism, sexism, homophobia, war, separation of class. Know how to fix these? All at once? We stop thinking we're fucking better than everyone else. Discrimination comes from segregation which comes from one groups pride. This is why pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Why do we think we're automatically better than others? The... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts on Insecurities

Insecurities… We all have them, its natural, I would even argue healthy. I try and forget about them sometimes but they always tend to come back and slap me in the face twice as hard. There’s definitely different ways to deal with them and I guess that would be where they can become unhealthy like... Continue Reading →

My Story of Awakening

For me it started with curiosity. My parents aren’t religious or anything, going to school and through pop culture I was aware of religion and therefore believed in it to an extent just as I would anything I was told at that age. I guess when I figured out Santa and the Easter Bunny weren’t... Continue Reading →

Why we all Need to Stop Fucking Around

We need radical change Have you ever considered the possibility that the reason we can’t find any let alone sentient lifeforms on any other planet bar our own is because we are the only ones there (not in the entirety of the universe since its most likely infinite but within any comprehendible distance) and We... Continue Reading →

In Gary we Trust

One of mine an many others greatest weaknesses is the struggle for general motivation, I've always sucked at it, I winged 12 years of school without blinking an eye lid. I cant keep anything up for too long. I might want to exercise and then I can discipline myself a little until 2 months passes... Continue Reading →

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