Self Help – Why You Should Check Yourself b4 You Riggity Riggity Wreck Yourself

so as you can see I've started a blog, Starting a blog means writing about stuff, being able to write about stuff means being able to write what you know, what I know just happens to contain a lot of spirituality and with that by default I've kind of landed in the self help field... Continue Reading →


The Divine Masculine, My Own Interpretation

So there’s been a whole lot of talk about gender identity, gender rights, feminism ect. And it really makes you ask yourself what it truly means to be a male/female. In my case it’s male. To be honest I think we aren’t that different, it’s funny to talk about how men and how women are... Continue Reading →

10 Movies to Soothe The Soul

I didn’t really see myself doing listicles but I do like lists so here is a list of 10 spiritually inclined movies id like to share with you all. Im excluding documentaries because that makes it to difficult, maybe ill do another list for the docos Spirit- Stallion of Cimarron: theres no better thing to... Continue Reading →

Why Having a Jedi Religeon Makes Sense

So in the national census survey a few years back now a shitload of people (i"m presuming jokingly) wrote down Jedi as their religion, some people have taken it a step further and founded the Jedi church, after having learned a lot about different religions and philosophies, when I watched star was recently and compared... Continue Reading →

A Tribute To Patch

2002- 2017 Many of us have gone through the struggle of losing one of our beloved four legged friends, I’m going through this struggle now and it’s surely not the greatest experience I’ve had. A few days ago my family and I lost one of the most beautiful dogs we’ve ever come across, a border... Continue Reading →

Spirituality, Do we Need it?

Well I mean Yes but also no at the same time. What we need is not spirituality but happiness or better yet, peace. For me personally spirituality has helped me attain more happiness but it may not be a tool that you need. I have not lived your life and you have not lived mine,... Continue Reading →

What’s Chakralackin?

The common philosophy is that our brain controls everything we do, this is not entirely true, we have seven energy centre’s through our bodies that can impact us before your thoughts even have time to manifest. These energy centre’s are the chakras. Next time you feel a strong emotion try and pin point where that... Continue Reading →

The True Message of The Left

Racism, sexism, homophobia, war, separation of class. Know how to fix these? All at once? We stop thinking we're fucking better than everyone else. Discrimination comes from segregation which comes from one groups pride. This is why pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Why do we think we're automatically better than others? The... Continue Reading →

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